ASLI Association of Sign Language Interpreters


    1. Creating a Registry of Sign language Interpreters
    2. Providing Training in Interpreting.
    3. Creating awareness in the general public with regard to interpreters for the deaf.
    4. Providing continuing education to Interpreters.
    5. Liasing with international agencies in the field of interpreting
    6. Conducting workshops and seminars on interpreting.
    7. Networking with local organizations and NGO’s working with the deaf to promote the use of sign language interpreters.
    8. Networking with the relevant Govt. departments on the need for deaf persons to have access to interpreters.
    9. Setting up an institute for the training and support of interpreters.
    10. Promotion of the profession of Interpreting in India.
    11. Advocating for the rights of the deaf community to have interpreters.




Association of Sign Language Interpreters (2007 – 2008)
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