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First impresions by Karl Llorca Interpreter from the UK.

Hola! Que dia tan hermoso,; Hello and what a lovely day. Today is the start of the second WASLI Conference, taking place in Segovia, Spain!

Arriving at the hotel in Segovia was a pleasant enough experience in 30 degree heat, to be greeted by some friendly faces and told ‘welcome’ was a great start to the proceedings. After registering and being assigned rooms most people started to mill around and gather in reception and the bar introducing ourselves to one another, with a general feeling in the air of anticipation of things to come.

On the itinerary for today we were expecting a ‘welcoming exercise’ before dinner. What a laugh that proved to be, with interpreters working from Spanish into both BSL and International Sign we were asked to pass around a ball of wool, unravelling it as it went around, and as it reached me I had to tell everyone my name and where I was from. However this was not all we had to do, we had to remember the name and the place that the person who passed the wool to me so that I could prove that I had been paying attention as we wound the wool up again! As you can imagine, it was rather a funny experience as the wool found its way around people’s legs, arms and even necks! I met Karen from Canada and Evelyn from New Zealand as they were directly next to me in the line of wool.
Seeing such merriment is a great thing and it just proves that as a bunch of people, globally interpreters are a fun lot!

After this is was time to move into the dining hall for a welcome meal. I found myself sat at a table full of Scottish interpreters and a Deaf participant from Scotland. Small world hey, why? Well I will tell you, there was someone on my table from Scotland (I am from England) who used to work for the same organisation as I currently do! To come all this way and to meet him! On the table we also had a sponsored interpreter, Ioana from Romania. I had a great chat with her and was amazed to find out that in Romania there is no legislation that provides access to interpreters, and that most interpreters work as a hobby and not a career, Ioana actually is a teacher and interprets as a hobby as she loves the language. I have to say my Romanian is non-existent so I was much indebted to Ioana’s great skill in English, oh and she could speak Italian, French and some Russian too! A very talented person!
Through the meal I looked around the room to see everyone enjoying themselves, saying hi to people they have not seen for a long time, and saying hi to some new faces. u

First Impresions by Arun C. Rao, Editor The Deaf Way

For me it was an amazing experience and I learned so much, particularly about the emerging trends in International sign and its applications. Professional Interpreter Bill Moody, gave a marvelous presentation on the role of international sign and its relevance and significance in the modern context. It was really amazing to see him sign with an interpreter voicing for him. The idea of communication access was so ingrained into the group and for one of the country reports we found 4 or five step down interpreters used. The Cambodian representative was unable to speak any other language than Khmer the language of Cambodia and she presented her country report in Cambodian sign language which was interpreted by her deaf interpreter into British Sign language which wa interpreted into spoken English by Dr. Napier and the spoken English was translated into Spanish by the hearing interpreter and that was in turn interpreted into Spanish sign language by interpreters for the deaf people using SSL the official conference language. A truly mind boggling effort.

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