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Dear Friend,

Greetings from the Association of Sign Language Interpreters! (ASLI).

ASLI is a newly formed organization to represent the Interpreters for the deaf in India. The deaf community of India has not had a formal interpreting organization until now. The concept of sign language interpreting as a professional service for deaf persons has yet to take hold in India. The apex organizations for the deaf are already campaigning for this to take place.

There is a lot that ASLI will be doing to support and enable the local organization of the deaf. You have already been working in interpreting albeit with or without formal training for some time now. All persons who have been serving the deaf community selflessly for years by providing interpreting services will now have ASLI to support them in their endeavors by building awareness of the need for interpreters and advocating the need for linguistic access for deaf persons.

ASLI intends to work closely with apex organizations of the deaf to create a post of interpreter in the govt. this will give our profession the much needed stature. There is a great need for interpreters in the country and the activities of deaf organisations everywhere are stagnating because of the lack of interpreting services. Deaf sign users in the community are unable to access even basic services. ASLI will endeavor to increase awareness of the general population and the govt. , provide specialized training,  a formal and non-formal certification system and a greater visibility for interpreters at a national level.

We wish to recognize your yeoman service to the deaf community over the years. We wish to invite you to join ASLI and work with us to establish the interpreting profession in India. Please fill in the membership form at this link: ASLI Membership Form. The annual membership fee is Rs. 500.00 only.

Thank you for your support and your cooperation and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Arun C. Rao

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